The closest thing to a diary I have written.

If things have become awry, hopefully someone will be available to read this.

Maybe finally, I hope, after all these years someone could understand me a bit better than I have myself.

Disney’s Big Hero 6 | November 07, 2014 (x)

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Nishe aka Magdalena Lutek (Polish)     Photography

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sometimes this game is amazing

As a heavy I once managed to block another heavy medic pair like that while ubered and out of bullets, but I managed to land a crit with the holiday punch and tauntkilled the laughing heavy as my uber was wearing off. The medic got away though.

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Oh yeah I can share my Big Band clean-ups!



Neil deGrasse Tyson is not impressed with all your sexism.

Edit: This post made it to the Science tag! As a science aficionado, this of course makes me happy.

So lots of people have reblogged pointing out the irony that I didn’t even include the names of the scientists in my original post. This is mostly true. I did include their names on my post, but that was only in the tag section, and even then it was for my own reference purposes. Had I known this was going to be reblogged like mad and added to an educational category I, would have at least included links to their respective biographies and stuff, instead of only just my glib commentary.*

But that is what the edit feature is for, I suppose. SO HERE ARE SOME LINKS:


* Not that I will ever regret writing glib commentary about Neil deGrasse Tyson throwing some serious shade at the past.

Cecilia Payne is my great grandmother! :D

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Gif doesn’t have the tweaks sorry about that. Added some of the composition roughs as well, I really wanted to capture the scene of her awakening. Some are more violent then others but Painwheel’s a volatile character.

Painwheels Steam Card. I’m really glad I got her. I love drawing factory backgrounds.